Leo Moon lightens our load

Monday morning begins with a desire to sleep in.  Leo the lion, enjoys the leisure life.  Belly rubs and afternoon naps please this creature of habit.  Leo is loyal to the clan with heart on sleeve.  This sensitive kitty, loves so deeply and performs with all its might.  The lion adores an attentive audience.  Applause and cheers nourish this animal like catnip.  Many lions and lionesses are actors and comedians.  The love for the spotlight is an aphrodisiac and wins this silly creature many friendships.

When the Moon resides in this sign, it’s easy to feel good.  Laughter, friendship and playfulness fill the day.  Forgiveness is easy and seriousness takes a back seat.  This is the best Moon sign to lighten a tough load.


Aries… The Warrior

Well, there maybe several apologies made after this weekend’s bash at Buckingham Palace.  With several planets in the sign of Aries, even the gentlest amongst us will be flinging words before the filtration system can kick in.  The warrior acts.  There is no time to think in war.  The Arian is who you want leading the troops.  Strong, brave and fast, this being in action can lead a country to victory.  We need intensity in many of our life scenarios, but how to handle a group of planets in Aries, when we don’t need the intensity.  Exercise, water, creative projects, and lots of forgiveness.  Chances are lots of us are acting out, and lots of us are needing and wanting apologies.  The Moon travels out of Aries during the night time hours, 11:58pm mt.

Monday morning we will awake relaxed with the strength to do what we need to do, with calm and focused bodies.  Hearty meals for the next couple of days fuel this Moon as she moves through the sign of Taurus.

Venus Day is the perfect Wedding Day

Friday is a beautiful day to be married.  In Vedic Astrology, this day belongs to Venus.  It is a day that represents the lovely feminine being.  Venus represents love and beauty when we look at her Libra roots.  When connected to Taurus, she represents security, a beautiful voice, and “of the earth”.  Marriage on this day is blessed by Venus.  She provide a foundation of love and respect. Her color is white.  Indians respectfully wear white on Fridays in reverence to her.

Moon as a Royal Romantic

Between now and the afternoon of the royal wedding, April 29th, 2011, the Moon will float through the sign of Pisces.  This hopelessly romantic moon hypnotizes all of world into feeling we are one: one family; one nation; one expression of love.  We see a commoner become a princess; we remember the young, Diana with heartfelt smile; and we dream about our own dance ticket into the late night festivities at Buckingham Palace.  Pisces is that of the non-physical.  Pisces dreams, Pisces feels, Pisces channels.  This is a hypersensitive Moon.  Pisces knows no boundaries, and the floods of feelings that come under a Pisces Moon gives opportunity to practice meditation skills.  Kundalini yoga, tai chi or any body art form that works with core energy and auric fields are not only helpful, but essential during water moons, when the psychic abilities are high, and directing the flow is essential to our well being.  Placing ourselves around supportive, fun and charming people is the key, as well as music that soothes our core.

By Friday evening, April 29th, 2011, England will be well into the Arian Moon energy.  Partying has a pioneering soul and intensity is the name of this evening.  We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of royals.  With new ideals, new expressions and new leadership.