Mercury goes Direct

Generally Mercury is Retrograde for about 3 weeks at a time.  It’s an introverted energy and generally spending time alone, in quiet expansion of the mind.  This is Mercury retrograde’s natural action.  It seems that reading books and writing both flow easily at this time.  Today, Mercury begins its direct action.  In reality, this planet only moves in one direction, however since the earth is not the center in which the planets of our solar system move around, planetary movement around the Sun at times, creates an optical illusion which from our earthly position makes planets appear to be moving backwards.  All planets, when moving in this backwards retrograde/illusionary direction, create an introverted influence on the elements of our planet, including ourselves.  Born with any retrograde planets in your chart?  Where are they located and how do they influence your life?  Over the next few days, see how the Mercury retrograde of the past few weeks, now going direct, opens your communication back out into the world.  It will take about 3 weeks for the level of Mercury’s influence to be back at it’s normal level.