John Denver

Born Henry John Deutschendorf, I had the pleasure to see him perform a 1973 concert with my mother and my sisters.  It was my 1st concert, and I wasn’t even a teen.  The funny thing… I remember where I sat in reference to the stage.  I can also remember seeing his presence on the stage, but no other details are held in my memory… only that my mother was stopped for speeding on the way home, and she lied to the officer about her awareness of her lead-foot.

It was the time of 8-track tapes and long cigarette-smoke filled rides across Kansas, as my father used his lead-foot to get us to our vacation destination… the rocky mountains.  John Denver’s voice filled our station wagon for hours, and the grand finale would be the cresting of  Pikes Peak over the flat horizon and John Denver singing about his 27th year.

He was actually born on December 31st, 1943 at 3:55pm MWT, in Roswell, New Mexico, which aways made me think that he was truly from another planet.  After all, how can one be so talented and be just a simple earth man?

His birth was at the time of year, just beyond the Winter Solstice when the Sun was beginning to give the light back to the northern hemisphere.  The Sun was in the sign of Capricorn, which gave this man his business sense.  The sign of the goat is just that, a relentless animal that spends its time mountain climbing… to the top of his domain.  Capricorn is the foundation builder of the zodiac and it doesn’t mind taking its time to verify that each detail is placed perfectly in alignment for its final goal.   Hence, we see a well choreographed performer.  Even as a young musician in the Chad Mitchell Trio, you can see his seriousness with his craft.  Cappy’s don’t mind studying the competition and yet, if they sense a competitor is gaining on their heels, the goat will jump miraculous strides to the next level of success.

There is an awkwardness, well let’s say nerdiness with the person who carries this sign.  When I look to John Denver, I don’t see a nerd, but a well-defined artist.  However, with this sign, he may have lived this discomfort inside himself.

Now Capricorns have an incredible ability to focus.  (Sidebar… This is a good sign to team up with if you really want to accomplish a goal.)  John’s ability to set his sights and go for the gold was a natural part of his personality.  He showed this through his musical success.  His desire to move above the earth plane and travel into space was successful as he also lived the life of a pilot.  This goat could not stop making incredible goals.

But the business sense is not what spoke to our hearts.  No, it was his Moon in Pisces that taught us to feel the natural world which channeled through his soul.  A Pisces Moon is so sensitive to the world.  It is the one water sign which does not have a shell to cover its delicate body.  He could truly feel the eagles fly, he could truly feel the children’s laughter, he could truly feel the pain of nature’s destruction.  Pisces Moon is music and the ability to channel it from spirit realm.  The Moon herself is quite sensitive, but when she is held by the sign that is most connected to spirit and knows no boundaries, she becomes ultra-sensitive.  John would have carried this high sensitivity, and chances are, even though he learned to craft this into his music, he probably needed much time alone and in nature to recharge his batteries.  Nature was his church.  A Pisces Moon would also be quite sensitive to the critiques of others, and many times in life people with a strong sensitive Pisces placement may choose to numb the intense feelings.  Fortunately, John’s Capricorn Sun gave him enough discipline that we have much music of his to listen to today.

Finally, we’ll touch on John’s Gemini Ascendant.  Gemini is the sign of the storyteller.  It is the communicator which loves to read, loves to write and loves a good story.  Most of his songs read like a novel.  One can see the movie playing on the screen as he so gracefully describes the scene with his words.  He was a muse with his language, and could hardly wait to talk to his followers.  I have several cd’s of “live” John Denver concerts, and it is so pleasurable to hear him verbally play with the audience.  He is quick to respond to silly audience cat-calls and like a businessman his Capricorn Sun quickly gets the show back on track.  Gemini is also the teacher.  His music is known for its activism.  Even his early songs tell stories which he wants to teach the audience to be conscious of the planet, conscious of each other, and conscious of love.  I have found that when I’m feeling heavy in my world, I can put some John Denver music into my car player, and take a drive through the mountains.  I always come out smiling and remembering what is important in life.


John Denver’s birth information from Lois Rodden via Zip Dobbins


Happy Winter Solstice & Goodbye Mayan Calendar

There was a flash mob in Denver today, dancing to the song… “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”.  What a brilliant song for today.  In the wake of much concern about the Mayan Calendar declaring that it’s all over for us, I was glad to hear that most people over the last few months just recognized that we are in transition, and the world goes on with a new world order.

I’m sure the Mayan guy worked hard to complete the job, but at some point, he probably went out for a coffee break and got diverted and perhaps forgot to write “ETC…” at the end of the 2012 year.  Or could it be the Mayans were spiritual and knew our current society would be ready to launch into a new experience, and beyond 2012 their vision of structure would no longer work for us.  The trick?  This was a piece of information for us to figure out… and recognize the respect the Mayan’s must have had for us, knowing that we would have the wisdom to create our own future from this point forward.

I talked about life with a friend into the early hours of the morning, and if it wasn’t for the need for sleep we would have talked right through the exact time the Sun moved into the constellation of Capricorn at 6:12am EST today, 12-21-12.  What cool numbers!  Together we therapitized each other and spent hours sharing our life’s lessons, so we could honor the Solstice by declaring how we would move forward in life with conscious growth toward our most precious desires.  This was a busy day in the world.  Many Solstice celebrations are still ringing.  Dances of universal peace, drumming, chanting and yoga so many different options of joy.

The Winter Solstice marks the time of year when the Sun moves into the last quadrant of the zodiac.  If you can imagine the astrological wheel, this quadrant exist between 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock, (The wheel is read counter-clockwise).  The sign of Capricorn rules the 10th house, which is the piece of the pie from 12 o’clock to 11 o’clock.  For us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is our winter.  Today, the darkest day of the year, I have to say that I’m glad not to be up in Alaska where they have very little light.  From here, the light will grow.  From here, our conscious will grow.

It’s interesting that at such a quiet time of hibernation, the Sun moves into a sign which is quite a worker bee.  We have two different energies happening.  It’s time to go inward and honor the quiet of the season, and yet it’s time to build our foundation for our next year.  Perhaps the best way to begin our foundation for the next cycle is to rest well, reflect on our lives, give our bodies good quality of food and to be responsible to the dreams that we want to manifest on this planet.  It’s one thing to dream, it’s another to plant the dream into solid ground.  This is what Capricorn can do for us now.  It is the sign that can give roots to our desires.  Stay conscious in your body, and don’t be afraid to make changes that can result in having your dreams come true.  As the Mayans predicted, it’s our turn to fully embrace the creation of our own future.

Moon in Capricorn: The Feminine Businessman

The Moon, so feminine, becomes business-like and as masculine a a woman can be when she enters the sign of Capricorn.  The Moon residing in the sign of the goat runs the family like a fortune 500 company in a 50 story office building.  She is serious and doesn’t have time for hugs or kisses.  There are appointments to be made, meetings to attend and ladders to climb.  Every lunch box moves out the front door with efficiency and perfection.  Everyone is at work or school well before the bell rings.

Wednesday, lights up the part of our chart which thrives in the Capricornian effort.  Where do we like to focus our work effort?  Where do we like to climb the social ladder?  Our soul looks for the opportunities to shoot us up to the top of the stack.  It is an easy day of accomplishment.