Moon in Leo… Forgiveness

On December 2nd, at 8:57pm EST, the Moon moves out of the sign of Cancer and into the loving sign of Leo.

Now, when we look at the entire zodiac, there is a beginning and an ending.  Aries being the 1st sign, begins at our Spring Equinox.  If we look at the entire zodiac as a complete lifetime, we can see our birth as the Arian experience, and then the progression through each sign as the different stages in life.  So, fast forward to Cancer, the sign the Moon just exited.  The Cancer energy is child-like.  Still dependent on Mom and Family nurturing, it is a very sensitive time in life.  All of the waters signs are very sensitive and very emotional and yet, this particular water sign, is the point in our development where we learn from our family, how much we need to use our hard crab shell to protect our delicate emotions.  It is a serious sign, as there are basic needs looking to be met.

There comes a point in our development where we realize there is more than just family.  There is outside and there is play and there are swing sets and leaf piles and friends and laughter and running and jumping.  And though, we are still connected to the pride, creating our own excitement becomes the goal.  This period is around the age of 10 or 11, and a child capable of being 100% present at this point of life hears no judgement.  It’s all about fun.  And if we are really lucky, our environment just allows us to play.

So, the silly child, who wants nothing but to be free out on the playground of life, doesn’t have time to hold onto the Fort-Knox walls the preceding sign of Cancer has built in protection of its sensitivities.  This is a sign that requires total release of every pain to be free to play.  Not that you can’t find a lion licking its wounds, or positioned in attack mode from a threat, but for that lion to be the best it can be, the wounds have to heal quickly.  There is a natural instinct in this powerful beast to let it all go.  I have watched many lions and lionesses over the years racked with pain, and when given the opportunity to make amends, shift from attack to loving mode.  Their true life happiness comes from laughter and play.

Until 6:51 am EST, on December 5th, the Moon will be maneuvering through the sign of Leo.  The freedom to enjoy the deepest laughter and playfulness this sign has to offer comes when our entire life becomes a mantra of forgiveness.  We never have to face those who have treated us unjustly.  We really don’t have to understand any detail of any situation to achieve a release of the pain.  It’s actually quite simple.  As a memory comes forward of abandonment, or rejection, or anything that brings up the pain of how one has been treated, shift it with a soft, quiet statement of, “I forgive everyone”.  This statement begins to provide a release that brings an opening to enjoy life again.  Whether there is one person who imposed a wrong, or 1,000, it doesn’t matter.  Whether it happened 80 years ago, or 5 minutes ago, it doesn’t matter.  The simple statement of “I forgive everyone”, begins an unraveling of anger, hatred and resentment, and begins a healing self journey that attracts situations of joy.


Cancer Moon and Staying Home

I’ve had the gift of functioning on my own natural time clock over the past couple of years.  In fact, as I reflect on one of the greatest desires of my life, it has been to awake from sleep when my body is ready, to eat when I feel hungry, and to go outside when I experience the desire.  Just a few examples of doing what I want in the moment.  Allowing my body to respond to the natural cycle of the universal breath.  My dream came true and now my “natural time clock” as I call it, rules the roost.

It’s a wonderful thing, to be an astrologer and watch the planets do their thing, and feel my natural guidance as a science experiment.  Ok, some would take offense at me calling my daily urges and the transiting astrology… “scientific”.  Pardon Moi.  But understanding the energies of the planets as I do, it has been such a gift to watch my natural desires come up and to match them to the current transiting planets.

When I woke this morning, I didn’t want to go to yoga as planned, and I let myself have the freedom to stay home to drink tea and make myself a potato and egg breakfast as my stomach growled for warmth and comfort.  After my belly was full, I sat down to write.  I remembered the Moon was close to changing signs and when looking to the calendar to confirm the time, I saw that the Moon had just entered the home loving, food nurturing sign of Cancer around the time that I awoke from my sleep.  Now I guarantee that if the Moon had moved into Sag at the time I was waking, I would have been up with excitement and out the door ready to run a mile to yoga.  But that was not the case.

I have spent so many years of my life punching the clock and making certain I was up by 5 to yoga and meditate and take care of domestic duties prior to arriving to the office.  Pushing against, or ignoring what my nature cycle wanted.  In fact, as a woman, I spent many days in the office with cramps struggling to make it through the day waiting for the clock on the wall to tell me it was time to go home.  I’m convinced that we would not have war or crime or bullies if we could each follow the natural cycles that inspire us.

So, the Moon representing what nurtures our soul, just moved into her homeland sign of Cancer.  Hanging out around the house, doing homely things, eating well and loving our family are the activities that she naturally loves to do.  She is also all about water.  Taking baths and drinking lots of water charges her batteries.  For the next 2 days, until December 2nd at 8:57pm EST allow your intuition to guide.  Do the things that you feel like doing, and even if you decide to journey out into the world, just know that food, family and water can give safety and nurturing.

Hyper-Sensitive Solstice

Summer Solstice is the moment the Sun moves from the busy sign of Gemini into the family-oriented sign of Cancer.  This is the time of year that we turn to our roots to celebrate our connection to our clan.  Even though Cancer represents “the home”, it is common to find ourselves on a journey with those we consider family.  This may or may not be our blood family, but somewhere within ourselves there is a deep desire to belong, and those whom we feel the most settled become our companions.  Summer Solstice celebrations bring groups together to celebrate appreciation of the earth and respect for all we have.  In New Mexico, the Summer Solstice celebration of the 3HO family is a 10 day spiritual retreat on ancient Hopi land where Kundalini Yoga and living with the basics brings one back to an understanding that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

As we open this Summer with the sensitive sign of Cancer hosting the Sun, we also feel the feminine Moon in the most psychic sign of the zodiac, Pisces.  Our abilities to read our intuition are high.  The feelings at the solar plexus tell us the truth of any situation.  If pain or discomfort exist in this area, change thought to a place where you know there is relief.  Think of something you love unconditionally, such as a pet.  From this feeling vantage point, we can learn the difference between something that is good for us, and something that does not serve us.  The more we are able to keep our focus on what feels good, the more life will bring us situations that agree with who we are.