Venus Day is the perfect Wedding Day

Friday is a beautiful day to be married.  In Vedic Astrology, this day belongs to Venus.  It is a day that represents the lovely feminine being.  Venus represents love and beauty when we look at her Libra roots.  When connected to Taurus, she represents security, a beautiful voice, and “of the earth”.  Marriage on this day is blessed by Venus.  She provide a foundation of love and respect. Her color is white.  Indians respectfully wear white on Fridays in reverence to her.


Thursday: Jupiter Day

In Vedic Astrology, Thursday is the day Jupiter is honored.  On this day, spending time in activities that reflect what Jupiter represents gives respect to this “Guru of the Gods”.  Taking in knowledge, playing fair, or acting as teacher are expressions of this day.  The colors of gold or yellow adorn this optimistic Guru and when worn on this day empower the wearer with the prosperity of this blessed planet.

This very wise, benevolent planet hold friendship or is neutral with all the other planets.  If this planet is strong in a personal chart, this characteristic of bountiful friendships is strong in the personality.