The Ram and the Bull

This doesn’t seem like a typical laid back Friday.  The Aries Moon drives the energy of the day as if it is the beginning of the week.  Like wild horses out of the starting gate we have plenty of ambition to begin a new project and complete it in this one day.  What is the uniqueness of this Moon?  The Arian can accomplish work quicker than any of the other signs.  This powerful ram climbs mountains and charges at anything that gets in the way.  This beast has plenty of forward momentum with little time to hear the voices that normally bring good judgement.  This energy serves when one just simply wants to get thing accomplished.  Just don’t stand in the way of a ram on a mission; blood and bruises, and absent mindedness when it comes to apologies, is the norm.

Aries will drive the energy until 4:35pm EST on Saturday, 6/25/2011 when the Moon comes to a screeching halt into the relaxed sign of Taurus.  The weekend will turn to a slower pace that allows time to smell the roses and fill up the belly.  Influence on others will not be easy as this fixed sign is very set in it’s ways.  Allow the bull to graze and wonder but if it does decide to work, take advantage of its strong and persistent muscles.  Anger is slow to come under a Taurus Moon, however if provoked long enough, watch out!


Ready… Set… GO!

The Moon moves into Aries at 4:24am EST.  Thursday marks a new beginning.  Anytime Aries is involved, starting fresh is easy and things can happen fast.  We have energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.  This is a day worth creating a goal which excites and brings on the feelings of passion.  The homework for today is to only give time and energy to those things which make the solar plexus feels good.  When Aries is focused in a direction which it truly cares, mountains can be conquered.  A Moon in Aries means we are nurtured by our individual accomplishments.