Understanding astrology is a treat.  It can provide information which assists in navigating the journey we call life.  My interest in astrology grew out of psychic paperback books I would read between my architectural studies in the 80’s.  I never understood why my interest in ESP was so strong, but Harold Sherman introduced me to the power of the mind, and I loved testing his theories.

My actual work with astrology began in the early 90’s when I met a hippy teacher who viewed the world through the lens of astrology.  The information made sense to me, more deeply than anything before.  She gave me a computer program, that provided me access to people’s astrology charts.  Family and friends’ charts became my study material.  Anybody I knew whose birth information was available became free game.  I would sit in classes with many charts in front of me and apply the material to each one.  I could see how each person blended with the new information.  It was validating for many of my relationships.

2000 brought many changes, and with it another gifted astrology teacher, Steven.  From this new place of knowledge, I found a new respect for the planets and a new respect for all the wonderful people who turn to me for guidance.  Not only did I learn the power of astrology, but now it became a part of my bones.  Working with the right intention, it could truly heal another.

A few years later, another teacher inspired me to write.  Somewhere outside of the classroom and beyond our laughter and the gourmet food, I learned the power of the written word.  Philip demonstrates to me devotion to the information that channels through him.  He greatly inspires me to follow his lead.

And I continue to be intrigued.

My desire with this blog is to inspire and teach how the cycles of the planets are not different from the cycles of the weather.  We turn to the weather channel for the outdoor element guidance, just as we have the opportunity to turn to astrology for energy guidance.  Sometimes we just need to know that the tears won’t last forever and if we look in the right space, we really can see the sun.

It’s light-hearted and all about reaching for our highest joy.  Take what feels right… and leave the rest.

Much love, Catherine


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