Virgo Moon as the Wise Bookkeeper

After the Moon transited the playful sign of Leo in the early part of this week, our energy moved quite dramatically into the serious mode of Virgo.

Several weeks ago, I had options in scheduling an appointment for this week.  The choices were early in the week, as the Moon was to be in the sign of Leo or later in the week, as the Moon was to be in Virgo.  I wasn’t paying attention to the Moon sign when I was setting the meeting, instead I intuited to schedule it later in the week.  As I sat yesterday prior to the appointment, organizing my outline to create the most efficient timing for my 1-hour encounter, I realized that I had woke early and was organizing the material in a profound manner.  I was patting myself on the back for my brilliance when I became aware that the Moon had made her transition into Virgo just as I began to put the outline together.

I continue to be amazed at the observation of the planets and their effects on us.  I love to watch the Moon especially, because she allows us to feel our way through life.  It’s so easy to recognize her influence.  There are times when I schedule certain activities knowing that the Moon will be in a sign that will support that particular experience.

Until December 7th at 1:35pm EST, the Moon will continue her transit through the sign of Virgo.  Our analytical mind is sharp in this sign.  That’s why many Virgo’s take on money crunching jobs.  It’s a great time to work with numbers or spend time organizing anything. The mind is tapped into wisdom under this Virgo Moon that nurtures these skills.  Focus on what you need to get accomplished, and Virgo will make sure you are successful.

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