Cancer Moon and Staying Home

I’ve had the gift of functioning on my own natural time clock over the past couple of years.  In fact, as I reflect on one of the greatest desires of my life, it has been to awake from sleep when my body is ready, to eat when I feel hungry, and to go outside when I experience the desire.  Just a few examples of doing what I want in the moment.  Allowing my body to respond to the natural cycle of the universal breath.  My dream came true and now my “natural time clock” as I call it, rules the roost.

It’s a wonderful thing, to be an astrologer and watch the planets do their thing, and feel my natural guidance as a science experiment.  Ok, some would take offense at me calling my daily urges and the transiting astrology… “scientific”.  Pardon Moi.  But understanding the energies of the planets as I do, it has been such a gift to watch my natural desires come up and to match them to the current transiting planets.

When I woke this morning, I didn’t want to go to yoga as planned, and I let myself have the freedom to stay home to drink tea and make myself a potato and egg breakfast as my stomach growled for warmth and comfort.  After my belly was full, I sat down to write.  I remembered the Moon was close to changing signs and when looking to the calendar to confirm the time, I saw that the Moon had just entered the home loving, food nurturing sign of Cancer around the time that I awoke from my sleep.  Now I guarantee that if the Moon had moved into Sag at the time I was waking, I would have been up with excitement and out the door ready to run a mile to yoga.  But that was not the case.

I have spent so many years of my life punching the clock and making certain I was up by 5 to yoga and meditate and take care of domestic duties prior to arriving to the office.  Pushing against, or ignoring what my nature cycle wanted.  In fact, as a woman, I spent many days in the office with cramps struggling to make it through the day waiting for the clock on the wall to tell me it was time to go home.  I’m convinced that we would not have war or crime or bullies if we could each follow the natural cycles that inspire us.

So, the Moon representing what nurtures our soul, just moved into her homeland sign of Cancer.  Hanging out around the house, doing homely things, eating well and loving our family are the activities that she naturally loves to do.  She is also all about water.  Taking baths and drinking lots of water charges her batteries.  For the next 2 days, until December 2nd at 8:57pm EST allow your intuition to guide.  Do the things that you feel like doing, and even if you decide to journey out into the world, just know that food, family and water can give safety and nurturing.


Gemini… Shifting Directions

Sometimes life needs a break… Or is it that we need a break from life?

A job change can create a pause to reflect upon a shift in direction.  A new relationship can bring a desire to spend a year hiking or perhaps a friend ready to make a transition into the non-physical can open the space to be present for that precious process.  For whatever reason, sometimes it’s just time to change direction and do something totally different.

I decided to write a blog on astrology in 2011 and enjoyed ever minute of it.  As my journey  proceeded that year, I found elders around me that needed assistance.  And I, as the little Libra Moon that I am, found myself responding to the needs of “the other” or “the others”, as in this case.  I took this role on with great joy and integrity.  I even let go of my new blog to give full attention to the task at hand.

So, life moves on, my friend now joyfully speaks to me from the other side.  My other elders are also in better situations, so my own journey now comes back to me.  Perhaps this is my version of “empty-nest” syndrome.  I now have the freedom to express myself in this world.  But what to do?  Lost for months, taking classes to inspire my creativity, I really didn’t know what to do with this new freedom.  So, enters the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Perhaps this writing is toward the person who knows a little more than Sun sign astrology.  This fantastic Eclipse landed just below my Ascendant in the 1st house.  Wow!!! What a hit to move myself back out into the world, expressing my truth through astrology, through writing, through the published word, and in the exposure of the 1st house.  Gemini being about writing and Sag, as the publisher.  I’m glad to be back and generally I suggest that people begin fresh starts at New Moons, but let say that this blog was really already started… I just came back with an explosion.  I always think it’s best to go with the gut, follow our feelings.  As Abraham-Hicks says our Emotional Guidance System is never wrong!

So, Where did this last Eclipse land in your chart?  Where is it that your truth needs to be expressed?  What 19 year cycle just ended, and what 19 year cycle are you beginning?  You can contact me at for an astrological consultation.

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Well, in the 48 hours prior to this Eclipse I learned of 2 people in my life that transitioned into the non-physical. One of them actually transitioned 2 months ago. How interesting that the information (Gemini) did not arrive to me until just before the  Eclipse. This Eclipse shows us the energy between Sagittarius and Gemini.
Sag in its highest form is the gypsy. It’s the freedom we have when we recognize boredom and choose otherwise. Listening to the beat of our own drummer and following that music no matter how crazy it might seem. People with strong Sagittarius in their charts carry the imprint of what may look like a life of instability as they move around from relationship to relationship, job to job or home to home. However for this wandering muse life is truly pleasurable. Status quo is not their language, and how will the laughter and joy be found if the road is not well-traveled.
As for Gemini, communication and teacher are 2 great key words for this sign. Gemini laps up information and generally wants a fair shake at sending the information back into the world. My father, who carries a strong Gemini signature on the nadir of his chart and his Gemini partner love to talk. In fact, there is never boredom in their home when it comes to conversation. There are times when they both talk to me at the same time with neither taking a break for air for several minutes. I never know who to look at, so I give them both equal face time while turning my head back and forth.
Full Moons allow us to see and feel the full essence of our motherly moon. Her energy is felt so strongly on our planet, that we see the tides, and in fact all waters effected by her pull. Some Full Moons pull out the crazy in people, and some just keep us awake at night.
When the Moon is Eclipsed, the Earth briefly blocks the light of the Sun from the face of the Moon, creating from the Earth’s view, a shadow on the surface of the Moon. It is written that the Eclipses are powerful surges of energy that create doorways. Leaving the old, and moving into a new expression of the energy which the Sun and Moon are holding for that particular Eclipse.
As we look at our Sagittarius Sun and our Gemini Moon we see opportunities to empower ourselves with truthful communication. Sag represents what is real and freeing to ourselves, and the desire to express it with no holding back. On the opposite side of the zodiac, Gemini transfers information with no attachment to the information. A clear news reporter or lawyer is a prime example of “Just the facts Jack” as Jon Lovitz would say. Gemini and Sag are usually not concerned with hurting feelings, and the good thing about this, is that truth can come out of the closet.
So don’t hold back, reach for the freedom that your gypsy needs to live life to its fullest. Express your truth, live in the fun, and watch the opportunities multiply in front of you.