Moon in Capricorn: The Feminine Businessman

The Moon, so feminine, becomes business-like and as masculine a a woman can be when she enters the sign of Capricorn.  The Moon residing in the sign of the goat runs the family like a fortune 500 company in a 50 story office building.  She is serious and doesn’t have time for hugs or kisses.  There are appointments to be made, meetings to attend and ladders to climb.  Every lunch box moves out the front door with efficiency and perfection.  Everyone is at work or school well before the bell rings.

Wednesday, lights up the part of our chart which thrives in the Capricornian effort.  Where do we like to focus our work effort?  Where do we like to climb the social ladder?  Our soul looks for the opportunities to shoot us up to the top of the stack.  It is an easy day of accomplishment.

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