New Moon Solar Eclipse

As the energy builds to the end of this weeks New Moon Solar Eclipse, thoughtfulness of the life we want to live is where we want to hold our attention.  This is a powerful time.  Much more is happening in the sky with this New Moon Eclipse sharing a position within a cardinal grand cross.  Pluto, the planet of power, Saturn, the foundation builder, and Uranus, the individual expressionist are all tagging in tightly to the energy of this next Moon cycle.  Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus do not move very fast.  They have been creating much tension and push us to look at our deepest fears, our most important responsibilities, and life fulfillment by expression of our unique self.  The recipe of these three planets in tension with each other and with this New Moon Eclipse require that we are awake and making changes with our environment that serve us.  It’s an empowering time.  It’s ok to let go of what doesn’t work.  No attention to that, will allow it to let go on its own.  Full focus on what you desire, brings it to reality.

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