Aquarian Vision

This morning at 7:47am EST, the Moon moved into the sign of Aquarius.  “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose.”  This is the motto for Aquarius.  Great need for individual movement is the natural feelings of this cutting-edge rebel.  A friend or two would be nice to have, but when you are running at full speed into a world of the unknown, not many can keep up.  Aquarian’s do what is not natural to the large group.  Sometimes it’s breaking away from the family religion.  Sometimes it’s letting go of a lover to make a life change.  Sometimes it’s living a life without reproducing children.  This is the sign of the water-bearer.  Water represents spirit, and even though this is an air sign, is psychic like the water signs and their vision is far into the future.  They see beyond any normal joe.  Often they are not considered in reality because their visions are not always connectable to the manifested reality.  Valuing the voice of an Aquarian can prove to be a benefit for future manifestations.

This weekend is a highly intuitive weekend.  As the Moon travels through this sign many images and messages are available.  Trust your instinct.

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