Libra Moon; Song of the Heart

At 6:31pm EST, the Moon efficiently moves from no nonsense Virgo, into the attractive sign of Libra.  After a day of accomplishment, it is time to relax to good food, friendship and music.  Beauty and the joy of partnership rules the next couple of days.  This is the opportunity to relay from the heart.  What we enjoy and value fills our souls with energy and the gift of what we have come into this life to explore.  The Libra Moon knows so eloquently how to compliment others.  She knows how to attract a partner and how to touch the soul of each being with recognition of how precious they are in this life.  She floats, she sings and she blends life’s pieces together into the most gorgeous artwork ever known.  Under a Libra Moon we can let time go, and enter the world that speaks directly to our hearts.

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