Virgo; Beauty and Perfection

Today, the Moon organizes and analyzes as she moves through the sign of Virgo.  She is busy and willing to take on any challenging task that needs a perfect completion.  She has a lot of energy and knows that no one can do it as well as she can.  A Virgo Moon desires perfection and when she does not have a focus, her eye can wonder to what she considers imperfection in the world.  She can become critical of anything and everything in her path; including her own methods of maneuvering life.  She is fragile in her heart, yet can cut like a knife with her thoughts and words.  Things are not the way she thinks they “should” be.  Under a Virgo Moon, yoga and meditation practice is highly effective to tame and guide this mind and her emotions into relaxation and peace.

Thursday, 6/8/11, continues with Virgo in the driver’s seat until 6:31pm EST.  Keeping structure in the day, projects with an end goal, and some sort of pampering such as a manicure or facial keeps the mind busy and a personal reward for such a devote effort.

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