Leos and Funerals

The Moon spends the morning in the light-hearted sign of Leo.  What would we do without this funny sign of the zodiac?  So brave to jump on stage at a moments notice to break into routine.  The lion lives to laugh, and laughs to live.  Leo’s are the best when it comes to funerals.  That is, if you can get them to go to a funeral.  Death and tears really aren’t their style.  But if you happen to find one there, teaming up with them in a procession car to the cemetery is the best time you’ll ever have.  The seriousness is really too much for them, so they look for the private opportunities to perform, and when the heaviness is on, they go into overdrive with their humor.  Not respectful??? Oh, quite the contrary, this kitty somehow knows that the laughter is the greatest respect of all.

At 3:33 EDT, the Moon enters serious Virgo.  If you need accomplishment today, sister Virgo will provide the skills and drive to “get it done”.  Just remember to play early, and let the work kick in later.

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