Cancer; It’s a Crab’s Life

At 4:36am EDT, the Moon moves into the sign of Cancer.  It is here she feels at home.  It’s days like today, living in a structured 9 to 5, Monday through Friday society, doesn’t make sense.  In fact, that Capricorn style structure is purely opposite the nature of the crab.  She is a water sign and quit moody.  She needs her home, her family and plenty of food and water to surround her.  A Cancer Moon, feels emotions deeply.  Just as the tides of the ocean rise and fall, her emotions do the same.  She belongs where she feels safest, in an environment where she can depend on close comrades to surround her with an embrace and pet her to sleep.

Crabs on a beach show us humans the perfect environment for this creature.  Living below the surface, spending much time at the mouth of their sub-terrainian hole, they watch the water all day long.  The ocean carries food to their doorstep and at the perfect time they sashay out of their underground safety to retrieve their next meal.  Water, natural elements, and the cycle of the planet feeds this delicate creature.  She does well when she can follow this natural rhythm.

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