Gemini Solar Eclipse

The next 4 weeks are quit powerful.  With yesterday’s Gemini solar eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse at the next full Moon in 2 weeks, and yet another solar eclipse in 4 weeks, the portal that we stand in, is life changing.  Monitoring of emotions is the trick to maneuvering this time period.  The Moon is all about emotions.  She is destiny, and when the most important thing in life is to feel good, actions and manifestations follow which give fulfilling life.  Don’t feel good?  Take a nap, take a walk, sing a song, pet a dog; do whatever it takes to soften discomfort, to bring it back into joy.  Focusing thoughts to what feels good is a task.  It’s a responsibility that has a big pay off.  This, believe it or not, is what it’s all about.  A group of eclipses is a launching pad for a long period of time.  Taking conscience aim to thoughts and ideas that feel good, sets this arrow off into a direction which creates life situations that are satisfying.

Yesterday’s Gemini Solar eclipse, found the Moon between the Sun and the earth.  Emotions stand between us, and who we are, in the highest sense.  Communication exchange is powerful when Gemini is present.  The Moon carries that communication deep into the psychic and feeling realm, therefore, bringing wisdom through our feelings.

On June 15th, we will experience a Sagittarius Full Moon and on July 1st, a Cancer New Moon.  The key areas of these series of eclipses are: communication, truth and comfort.  By listening to emotions, we can guide ourselves to the life that brings deep satisfaction.

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