New Moon Solar Eclipse

As the energy builds to the end of this weeks New Moon Solar Eclipse, thoughtfulness of the life we want to live is where we want to hold our attention.  This is a powerful time.  Much more is happening in the sky with this New Moon Eclipse sharing a position within a cardinal grand cross.  Pluto, the planet of power, Saturn, the foundation builder, and Uranus, the individual expressionist are all tagging in tightly to the energy of this next Moon cycle.  Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus do not move very fast.  They have been creating much tension and push us to look at our deepest fears, our most important responsibilities, and life fulfillment by expression of our unique self.  The recipe of these three planets in tension with each other and with this New Moon Eclipse require that we are awake and making changes with our environment that serve us.  It’s an empowering time.  It’s ok to let go of what doesn’t work.  No attention to that, will allow it to let go on its own.  Full focus on what you desire, brings it to reality.


The Ram and the Bull

This doesn’t seem like a typical laid back Friday.  The Aries Moon drives the energy of the day as if it is the beginning of the week.  Like wild horses out of the starting gate we have plenty of ambition to begin a new project and complete it in this one day.  What is the uniqueness of this Moon?  The Arian can accomplish work quicker than any of the other signs.  This powerful ram climbs mountains and charges at anything that gets in the way.  This beast has plenty of forward momentum with little time to hear the voices that normally bring good judgement.  This energy serves when one just simply wants to get thing accomplished.  Just don’t stand in the way of a ram on a mission; blood and bruises, and absent mindedness when it comes to apologies, is the norm.

Aries will drive the energy until 4:35pm EST on Saturday, 6/25/2011 when the Moon comes to a screeching halt into the relaxed sign of Taurus.  The weekend will turn to a slower pace that allows time to smell the roses and fill up the belly.  Influence on others will not be easy as this fixed sign is very set in it’s ways.  Allow the bull to graze and wonder but if it does decide to work, take advantage of its strong and persistent muscles.  Anger is slow to come under a Taurus Moon, however if provoked long enough, watch out!

Ready… Set… GO!

The Moon moves into Aries at 4:24am EST.  Thursday marks a new beginning.  Anytime Aries is involved, starting fresh is easy and things can happen fast.  We have energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.  This is a day worth creating a goal which excites and brings on the feelings of passion.  The homework for today is to only give time and energy to those things which make the solar plexus feels good.  When Aries is focused in a direction which it truly cares, mountains can be conquered.  A Moon in Aries means we are nurtured by our individual accomplishments.

Hyper-Sensitive Solstice

Summer Solstice is the moment the Sun moves from the busy sign of Gemini into the family-oriented sign of Cancer.  This is the time of year that we turn to our roots to celebrate our connection to our clan.  Even though Cancer represents “the home”, it is common to find ourselves on a journey with those we consider family.  This may or may not be our blood family, but somewhere within ourselves there is a deep desire to belong, and those whom we feel the most settled become our companions.  Summer Solstice celebrations bring groups together to celebrate appreciation of the earth and respect for all we have.  In New Mexico, the Summer Solstice celebration of the 3HO family is a 10 day spiritual retreat on ancient Hopi land where Kundalini Yoga and living with the basics brings one back to an understanding that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

As we open this Summer with the sensitive sign of Cancer hosting the Sun, we also feel the feminine Moon in the most psychic sign of the zodiac, Pisces.  Our abilities to read our intuition are high.  The feelings at the solar plexus tell us the truth of any situation.  If pain or discomfort exist in this area, change thought to a place where you know there is relief.  Think of something you love unconditionally, such as a pet.  From this feeling vantage point, we can learn the difference between something that is good for us, and something that does not serve us.  The more we are able to keep our focus on what feels good, the more life will bring us situations that agree with who we are.

Aquarian Vision

This morning at 7:47am EST, the Moon moved into the sign of Aquarius.  “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose.”  This is the motto for Aquarius.  Great need for individual movement is the natural feelings of this cutting-edge rebel.  A friend or two would be nice to have, but when you are running at full speed into a world of the unknown, not many can keep up.  Aquarian’s do what is not natural to the large group.  Sometimes it’s breaking away from the family religion.  Sometimes it’s letting go of a lover to make a life change.  Sometimes it’s living a life without reproducing children.  This is the sign of the water-bearer.  Water represents spirit, and even though this is an air sign, is psychic like the water signs and their vision is far into the future.  They see beyond any normal joe.  Often they are not considered in reality because their visions are not always connectable to the manifested reality.  Valuing the voice of an Aquarian can prove to be a benefit for future manifestations.

This weekend is a highly intuitive weekend.  As the Moon travels through this sign many images and messages are available.  Trust your instinct.

Artistic Libra

Libra is one of the signs of the zodiac which is a signature for artistry.  Even in the physical qualities or personality of an individual with a strong Libra signature, one can find beauty.  Barbara Walters, Tim Robbins, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Simon, & Olivia Newton-John each carry a strong Libra signature in their natal charts.  Each exert an elegance in the way they hold themselves.  They project an soft and friendly persona that makes a person want to be their friend.

Today, the Moon is in Libra all day.  It is a soft, elegant and friendly day.  Friendships form easily; and the Moon is inspired by any form of beauty one can experience.  A museum visit, a concert of flowing music, or Shakespeare in the park, are all lovely ways to spend this Libra Moon day.

Libra Moon; Song of the Heart

At 6:31pm EST, the Moon efficiently moves from no nonsense Virgo, into the attractive sign of Libra.  After a day of accomplishment, it is time to relax to good food, friendship and music.  Beauty and the joy of partnership rules the next couple of days.  This is the opportunity to relay from the heart.  What we enjoy and value fills our souls with energy and the gift of what we have come into this life to explore.  The Libra Moon knows so eloquently how to compliment others.  She knows how to attract a partner and how to touch the soul of each being with recognition of how precious they are in this life.  She floats, she sings and she blends life’s pieces together into the most gorgeous artwork ever known.  Under a Libra Moon we can let time go, and enter the world that speaks directly to our hearts.

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