Sensitive Day, with the Moon in a Sensitive Sign

Again, like yesterday, we are traveling through sensitive territory with the Pisces Moon.  She gives us deep intro-spection into our feelings.  Crying at the drop of a hat or taking the most normal request as personal and wounding can be part of her deep work.  We are able to feel at such a deep level, with the Moon in this watery sign.  She channels music and spirit.  With luck, the environment we reside in feels safe enough and structured enough that we have a musical and or a meditation practice.  Both are important for anyone with a strong Piscean influence in their chart.  Many successful musician’s carry a strong sign of Pisces in their charts.  John Denver had a Piscean Moon.  His ability to take his audiences on a journey to “feel” nature in his words and his instruments sent him to super-stardom.  This Moon can be so overwhelming in the feeling department, that if a safe structure is not in place, escapism can happen through drugs, alcohol, or even through tv or internet.

Later in the day, we see the Moon move into active and passionate Aries.  We will have days of action over the next couple of days.

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