Pisces Moon

The Piscean Moon is a hyper-sensitive Moon.  If you want to learn to be in touch with you intuitive or psychic self, this is the Moon to pay attention.  Of all the water signs, this one is the most sensitive.  The sign of the fish does not have a shell to protect it’s sensitive self as does the crab or the scorpion.  This sensitivity to feelings is what it takes to read the language of emotions.  This is the language of animals and actually is why we admire them.  The emotional body is very important to understand its language, as it responds like a meter to our person.  It lets us know when to move forward and when to stop.  This day is perfect to be aware of feelings and when happiness occurs, by all means move forward, and when anger, pain or frustration occurs, go take a nap.  Do what you can to neutralize your mind and relax until the contentment or happiness returns.

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