Wow, What a Week!

Traveling is joyful with new experiences which remind us of the spice to this life.  This past week contained a Scorpio Moon which produced a tornado a few miles away from my landing airplane in Denver.  Everyone is going through allot.  Life changes.  One friend is looking hard at physical transition.  It is a precious time, and decisions create entirely new direction.  Exciting new doors are opening and inviting new experiences.

The world is actually doing quite well.  It’s like little ants being shaken up on a picnic blanket.  They will survive, once they land, figure out where they are, and then recreate.  It’s all about recreating… every day, in every direction.

Later today, the Moon moves from hardworking, well focused Capricorn, into the genius Aquarius.  It’s ok to be crazy and unique.  Make decisions for yourself, for your future.  Insight is strong and the arrow is easily launched to the bullseye.  Questionable pieces of our lives will fill in the blanks or move on out.  It’s all good.

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