Virgo Moon: Quality Worker

Today the Moon resides in Virgo.  This perfectionistic Moon is a hard worker.  The silliness that showered the beginning of the week now becomes serious and has an agenda to make up for any slack that the Leo Moon created with it’s playfulness.  The Virgin Moon gets things accomplished.  She will work the tasks of 10 people before noon and double that number in the afternoon to keep up with her incarnate agreement to make everything perfect and complete before she leaves this physical body.  She is happy as task master with a desire for others to provide the same effort she is so willing to put out.

When the Moon resides in this earth sign, it’s easy to work through the day to day chores.  This is a good time in the Moon cycle to have a pre-prepared list of “to-do’s”, as Virgo Moon is in heaven with problems to conquer, figuring the efficient path to follow and a grand completion.  She likes others to share in her process, especially when she can guide them through her vision of the perfect tour of duty.

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