Moon in Talkative Gemini

One strong characteristic with Gemini, is a busy mind.  Depending on where the sign of the twins lands in a chart, as well as the number of planets in this sign and which planets are involved, depends on whether the information actually comes out of the mouth.  People with a strong Gemini signature may or may not be smart, and may or may not be wise, but regardless, the mind doesn’t stop.  There is a need for information to come in, whether right or wrong, good or bad, gossipy or not.  This sign ruled by the planet Mercury, represents such occupations as lawyers, teachers, media and writers.  These roles represent the flow of information, in its purist form, without judgement.

Friendships with strong Gemini people can sometimes be confusing.  One moment, one can experience an intimate and sacred conversation with a Gemini, and 10 minutes later witness the Gemini dialoging with one’s arch-enemy.  Was the confidentiality respected?  How was it so easy to spill guts to this person?  Actually, the integrity of any Gemini would depend on other parts of their astrology chart.  Pure Gemini is not attached, it’s just the receiver and messenger of information, and it’s highly addicted to this flow.

Today, 5/5/11,  and most of tomorrow, the Moon resides in this busy sign.  The mind is active and this is soothing for our soul.  Supporting through words, writing in a journal, light conversation with friends are ways to keep this moving mind active in a positive way.  Giving the mind productive tasks to explore, keeps it’s influence in a realm that supports life’s goals.

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