Moon from Warrior to Peace

Late in the evening of Sunday, May 1st, 6 planets including the Moon were moving through Aries.  This past month has seen much Arian activity.  Aries creates that need to act.  If one is passionate or angry, the push to act is even stronger.  In the last hours of our Moon residing in Aries on Sunday evening, we learned that military action of this day, has created closure for those effected by 9-11.  This military action is exactly what 6 planets in Aries produces: the energy, the bravery, the goal and a risky outcome.  Warriors become heros when the plan goes right.

Overnight the Moon moved into the sign of Taurus.  As the excitement of weekend events filter our being, settling into cozy and comfortable Taurus soothes our spirit.  Still with so much activity in Aries, the Moons entrance into this sign softens the need to act, with the need to be.  The bull is patient and steady and feeds from the ease of life.  At 12:51am (mt) Tuesday, May 3rd, the Moon and the Sun align into the position of a New Moon.  This next Moon cycle represents planting and patience.  Enjoying the new birth of flowers, budding trees and the beginning of fresh food.  Many choose to create rituals or intentions at New Moons or Full Moons to use the support of this powerful moment of the Moon cycle to enhance their lives.  New Moons create a dark sky and resting is usually a call from nature.  This is also a “seed planting” time.  Intentions for this Moon cycle, could be anything you want to create in your life.  If you want to be a musician, plant a schedule of discipline, if you want to create a nest egg, open a savings account.  Seeds planted now, especially Taurian seeds, thrive in the future.

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