Aries… The Warrior

Well, there maybe several apologies made after this weekend’s bash at Buckingham Palace.  With several planets in the sign of Aries, even the gentlest amongst us will be flinging words before the filtration system can kick in.  The warrior acts.  There is no time to think in war.  The Arian is who you want leading the troops.  Strong, brave and fast, this being in action can lead a country to victory.  We need intensity in many of our life scenarios, but how to handle a group of planets in Aries, when we don’t need the intensity.  Exercise, water, creative projects, and lots of forgiveness.  Chances are lots of us are acting out, and lots of us are needing and wanting apologies.  The Moon travels out of Aries during the night time hours, 11:58pm mt.

Monday morning we will awake relaxed with the strength to do what we need to do, with calm and focused bodies.  Hearty meals for the next couple of days fuel this Moon as she moves through the sign of Taurus.

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