An Earthy Memorial Day

The Moon spends this Memorial Day in the sign of Taurus.  She is grounded and appreciates eating and all the earthy celebrations.  Walking through the grave yard may not be so sentimental, as emotions and reflecting in the past is not her style, but she will appreciate the nature walk, the comfortable elements from the sky and the time to rest and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Tomorrow, 5/31/11 at 7:56 eastern time, the Moon moves into the sign of Gemini.  The relaxed bull turns into a talkative busy body.  Communication in any form is fluent on Tuesday evening and Wednesday.  Any important teaching, learning or sharing opportunity can take advantage of this easy flow of conversation.  Work on a website, write a song, read a book, give a lecture; it’s all supported and influences us for many years to come.  This is the work of a Gemini solar eclipse, which happens at 5:03pm eastern time.


Sensitive Day, with the Moon in a Sensitive Sign

Again, like yesterday, we are traveling through sensitive territory with the Pisces Moon.  She gives us deep intro-spection into our feelings.  Crying at the drop of a hat or taking the most normal request as personal and wounding can be part of her deep work.  We are able to feel at such a deep level, with the Moon in this watery sign.  She channels music and spirit.  With luck, the environment we reside in feels safe enough and structured enough that we have a musical and or a meditation practice.  Both are important for anyone with a strong Piscean influence in their chart.  Many successful musician’s carry a strong sign of Pisces in their charts.  John Denver had a Piscean Moon.  His ability to take his audiences on a journey to “feel” nature in his words and his instruments sent him to super-stardom.  This Moon can be so overwhelming in the feeling department, that if a safe structure is not in place, escapism can happen through drugs, alcohol, or even through tv or internet.

Later in the day, we see the Moon move into active and passionate Aries.  We will have days of action over the next couple of days.

Pisces Moon

The Piscean Moon is a hyper-sensitive Moon.  If you want to learn to be in touch with you intuitive or psychic self, this is the Moon to pay attention.  Of all the water signs, this one is the most sensitive.  The sign of the fish does not have a shell to protect it’s sensitive self as does the crab or the scorpion.  This sensitivity to feelings is what it takes to read the language of emotions.  This is the language of animals and actually is why we admire them.  The emotional body is very important to understand its language, as it responds like a meter to our person.  It lets us know when to move forward and when to stop.  This day is perfect to be aware of feelings and when happiness occurs, by all means move forward, and when anger, pain or frustration occurs, go take a nap.  Do what you can to neutralize your mind and relax until the contentment or happiness returns.

Wow, What a Week!

Traveling is joyful with new experiences which remind us of the spice to this life.  This past week contained a Scorpio Moon which produced a tornado a few miles away from my landing airplane in Denver.  Everyone is going through allot.  Life changes.  One friend is looking hard at physical transition.  It is a precious time, and decisions create entirely new direction.  Exciting new doors are opening and inviting new experiences.

The world is actually doing quite well.  It’s like little ants being shaken up on a picnic blanket.  They will survive, once they land, figure out where they are, and then recreate.  It’s all about recreating… every day, in every direction.

Later today, the Moon moves from hardworking, well focused Capricorn, into the genius Aquarius.  It’s ok to be crazy and unique.  Make decisions for yourself, for your future.  Insight is strong and the arrow is easily launched to the bullseye.  Questionable pieces of our lives will fill in the blanks or move on out.  It’s all good.

Virgo Moon: Quality Worker

Today the Moon resides in Virgo.  This perfectionistic Moon is a hard worker.  The silliness that showered the beginning of the week now becomes serious and has an agenda to make up for any slack that the Leo Moon created with it’s playfulness.  The Virgin Moon gets things accomplished.  She will work the tasks of 10 people before noon and double that number in the afternoon to keep up with her incarnate agreement to make everything perfect and complete before she leaves this physical body.  She is happy as task master with a desire for others to provide the same effort she is so willing to put out.

When the Moon resides in this earth sign, it’s easy to work through the day to day chores.  This is a good time in the Moon cycle to have a pre-prepared list of “to-do’s”, as Virgo Moon is in heaven with problems to conquer, figuring the efficient path to follow and a grand completion.  She likes others to share in her process, especially when she can guide them through her vision of the perfect tour of duty.

Leo Moon lightens our load

Monday morning begins with a desire to sleep in.  Leo the lion, enjoys the leisure life.  Belly rubs and afternoon naps please this creature of habit.  Leo is loyal to the clan with heart on sleeve.  This sensitive kitty, loves so deeply and performs with all its might.  The lion adores an attentive audience.  Applause and cheers nourish this animal like catnip.  Many lions and lionesses are actors and comedians.  The love for the spotlight is an aphrodisiac and wins this silly creature many friendships.

When the Moon resides in this sign, it’s easy to feel good.  Laughter, friendship and playfulness fill the day.  Forgiveness is easy and seriousness takes a back seat.  This is the best Moon sign to lighten a tough load.

Moon, Cancer, Mother

It couldn’t be more perfect.  This is the weekend of Mother.  She is all around us.  The Moon is bathing in Cancer all weekend.  Mother will feel love and support no matter her situation.  Home and hearth create a safe place for this lovable creature.  She will enjoy the world with a seashore to play by and a piece of food in her claw.

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