Rebel Moon as Humanitarian

Sunday sees the Moon shifting from hard working Capricorn to devoted Aquarius.  This sign, in ancient astrology, was also ruled by Saturn who is the current ruler of Capricorn.  Both signs carry some similarities due to this common relationship to the planet Saturn.  Aquarians are hard workers and deeply devoted to their causes.  Aquarius, is a humanitarian sign and does not deal well when it experiences inequality.  When the Moon is in Aquarius, it’s easy for all of us to stand up for what feels right and it’s easy to speak out in support of another.  We can feel this pull deeply in our soul and Aquarians don’t mind doing it alone.  When this sign, ruled by the independent planet Uranus, finds its “UNFAIR” meter going off, it’s a good idea, to take an extra second to check the “WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF MY ACTION” meter.  This is a sign that truly needs to choose it’s battles, as figuratively speaking, Aquarians end up with many black eyes, only to find the people they are protecting may not be interested in being protected or even in protecting themselves.  Uranians are not required to save everyone.

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