The Flamboyant Moon

A Sagittarius Moon carries the flame of a “larger than life” expression.  All fire signs need to articulate outwardly in one way or another.  With Sagittarius, a good time, an optimistic outlook, and an audience to go to the heights of exuberance is natural and necessary.  This sign doesn’t stick around for long.  In fact a weekend with this half man, half horse will leave your spirit excited for the next play date with your new best friend, only to find this was only a stop off point for the gypsy adventurer.  The spirit of this fun-loving sign has so much to experience on this never ending planet, that to have expectations on this wonderer is like caging a butterfly in a shoe box.  If you carry the sign of Sagittarius as your Moon sign, your soul only thrives with freedom.  Today, the Moon in this sign calls to all of us to explore our most deepest desires.  Where do we want to travel, where do we want to play, where do we need to walk in nature?  Discontent can easily be resolved with a new form of self expression.

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