Scorpion Hangover

This would make a good name for a drink.  How did yesterday go?  The Moon moving through the sign of Scorpio can’t help but leave a wake of emotional chaos in its path.  Add in hormones, sniper fire, an unstable ex-wife, a bad movie, and some tears and blame and the day can end with bodies all over the floor.  This morning may feel like the morning after.

During the  night, the Moon crawled into the sign of Sagittarius.  Fortunately this charismatic sign has a way of lightening the load with it’s gypsy-like desire for fun.  The laughter that seemed impossible to find yesterday is at the tip of our tongues for the next 2 days.  Moon in Sagittarius is all about the freedom to explore; new lands, new ideas, and new parties.  Let the soul express itself with flamboyant clothing and exotic food while she explores the new terrain carved out by yesterday’s war zone.

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