Friday is Venus’s day

From Vedic astrology, every Friday is Venus’s day.  It is her day of beauty and loveliness.  It makes sense to dress our most elegantly on this day of the week to honor this goddess.  She is everything a woman represents and more.  Our most feminine qualities: delicateness, gentleness, graciousness, and compassion in the most royal sense.  This is a day to enjoy softness and everything that brings contentment to our heart.  Princess Diana, in her humble ways was a figure who displayed Venus qualities.

In western astrology, the last few hours of this work week sees the Moon in the hardworking and devote sign of Virgo.  There is a desire to keep working even though Fridays usually tend to be a day of afternoon relaxation.  Virgo wants to get the job finished so there is a fresh beginning at the new work week.

Overnight, the Moon moves from the taskmaster sign of Virgo into the Relay-tionship sign of Libra.  This is a weekend of “relating to the other”.  “One to one” conversing is the nature of this sign, and when we look to the meaning of relationship, we see how we are able to communicate back and forth in a manner that is useful to each other.  Libra is able to reach in to the “other” and merge, just as as we see in a marriage.  The most perfect relationship can be represented in a relay race where the baton is handed from one participate to another.  Each carrying a part in the experience in the race we call life.  Deep in our emotional self, we can feel the equality of the give and take of the Libra Moon.  This is authentic relationship.

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