How can the Moon support me today?

This blog mainly follows the Moon and her monthly movement through the signs of the zodiac.  Each sign represents a certain energy and or action.  When we have this knowledge, we can put it to use, just as the information of the weather forecast is put to use.  For approximately two and a half days of the month, the Moon resides in each sign of the zodiac.  During this period, the influence of that sign reflects in our daily lives.  The Moon is a water planet, and water planets effect emotions.  The emotional body is where the energy of the signs come out.  Some signs reflect high sensitivity, some reflect strong work ethic, and others just want to experience a passionate life.  Having awareness of the Moon’s needs for a particular day, can nurture and help us to make choices which deeply fulfill us.

Today, the moon resides in the sign of Virgo.  This sign is strict in her work ethic and expectations of others.  She knows how to accomplish a job in a timely manner.  The sign of the virgin overlooks feelings so as to keep business moving.  Work, work, work nurtures the soul under this influence.  This is one of the signs that creates and completes tasks efficiently.  The Moon marches militantly through this sign until Saturday morning, so a 2 day project focusing on organizing or number crunching is perfect for the end of this work week.

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