Venus Day is the perfect Wedding Day

Friday is a beautiful day to be married.  In Vedic Astrology, this day belongs to Venus.  It is a day that represents the lovely feminine being.  Venus represents love and beauty when we look at her Libra roots.  When connected to Taurus, she represents security, a beautiful voice, and “of the earth”.  Marriage on this day is blessed by Venus.  She provide a foundation of love and respect. Her color is white.  Indians respectfully wear white on Fridays in reverence to her.


Moon as a Royal Romantic

Between now and the afternoon of the royal wedding, April 29th, 2011, the Moon will float through the sign of Pisces.  This hopelessly romantic moon hypnotizes all of world into feeling we are one: one family; one nation; one expression of love.  We see a commoner become a princess; we remember the young, Diana with heartfelt smile; and we dream about our own dance ticket into the late night festivities at Buckingham Palace.  Pisces is that of the non-physical.  Pisces dreams, Pisces feels, Pisces channels.  This is a hypersensitive Moon.  Pisces knows no boundaries, and the floods of feelings that come under a Pisces Moon gives opportunity to practice meditation skills.  Kundalini yoga, tai chi or any body art form that works with core energy and auric fields are not only helpful, but essential during water moons, when the psychic abilities are high, and directing the flow is essential to our well being.  Placing ourselves around supportive, fun and charming people is the key, as well as music that soothes our core.

By Friday evening, April 29th, 2011, England will be well into the Arian Moon energy.  Partying has a pioneering soul and intensity is the name of this evening.  We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of royals.  With new ideals, new expressions and new leadership.

Rebel Moon as Humanitarian

Sunday sees the Moon shifting from hard working Capricorn to devoted Aquarius.  This sign, in ancient astrology, was also ruled by Saturn who is the current ruler of Capricorn.  Both signs carry some similarities due to this common relationship to the planet Saturn.  Aquarians are hard workers and deeply devoted to their causes.  Aquarius, is a humanitarian sign and does not deal well when it experiences inequality.  When the Moon is in Aquarius, it’s easy for all of us to stand up for what feels right and it’s easy to speak out in support of another.  We can feel this pull deeply in our soul and Aquarians don’t mind doing it alone.  When this sign, ruled by the independent planet Uranus, finds its “UNFAIR” meter going off, it’s a good idea, to take an extra second to check the “WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF MY ACTION” meter.  This is a sign that truly needs to choose it’s battles, as figuratively speaking, Aquarians end up with many black eyes, only to find the people they are protecting may not be interested in being protected or even in protecting themselves.  Uranians are not required to save everyone.

Mercury goes Direct

Generally Mercury is Retrograde for about 3 weeks at a time.  It’s an introverted energy and generally spending time alone, in quiet expansion of the mind.  This is Mercury retrograde’s natural action.  It seems that reading books and writing both flow easily at this time.  Today, Mercury begins its direct action.  In reality, this planet only moves in one direction, however since the earth is not the center in which the planets of our solar system move around, planetary movement around the Sun at times, creates an optical illusion which from our earthly position makes planets appear to be moving backwards.  All planets, when moving in this backwards retrograde/illusionary direction, create an introverted influence on the elements of our planet, including ourselves.  Born with any retrograde planets in your chart?  Where are they located and how do they influence your life?  Over the next few days, see how the Mercury retrograde of the past few weeks, now going direct, opens your communication back out into the world.  It will take about 3 weeks for the level of Mercury’s influence to be back at it’s normal level.

Lots of Squares to the Moon Today

Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all create a 90 degree angle to the moon at some point today.  Fortunately the Moon moves so fast, they don’t last long.  However, when there are so many squares happening, it feels like there is no motivation to get anything accomplished.  The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn which represents the focused worker; able to organize anything, under any conditions.  Yet with all the square aspects, chances are, it’s only been a frustrating day if pushing through to accomplishment has been the only action.  Allowing oneself to relax into the weekend and dream about what you would be doing, only if, is really enough.  Perhaps it’s just a movie day.  Enjoy, as work, is just really too much work today.

Thursday: Jupiter Day

In Vedic Astrology, Thursday is the day Jupiter is honored.  On this day, spending time in activities that reflect what Jupiter represents gives respect to this “Guru of the Gods”.  Taking in knowledge, playing fair, or acting as teacher are expressions of this day.  The colors of gold or yellow adorn this optimistic Guru and when worn on this day empower the wearer with the prosperity of this blessed planet.

This very wise, benevolent planet hold friendship or is neutral with all the other planets.  If this planet is strong in a personal chart, this characteristic of bountiful friendships is strong in the personality.

The Flamboyant Moon

A Sagittarius Moon carries the flame of a “larger than life” expression.  All fire signs need to articulate outwardly in one way or another.  With Sagittarius, a good time, an optimistic outlook, and an audience to go to the heights of exuberance is natural and necessary.  This sign doesn’t stick around for long.  In fact a weekend with this half man, half horse will leave your spirit excited for the next play date with your new best friend, only to find this was only a stop off point for the gypsy adventurer.  The spirit of this fun-loving sign has so much to experience on this never ending planet, that to have expectations on this wonderer is like caging a butterfly in a shoe box.  If you carry the sign of Sagittarius as your Moon sign, your soul only thrives with freedom.  Today, the Moon in this sign calls to all of us to explore our most deepest desires.  Where do we want to travel, where do we want to play, where do we need to walk in nature?  Discontent can easily be resolved with a new form of self expression.

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