Floating, Floating, Floating

Wondering through nature, swimming in a warm natural spring, and listening deeply to beautiful music are all Piscean expressions.  This delicate fish so deeply feels.  Yet with such a sensitive nature, it was not blessed with the protection of a hard shell like it’s other water sign friends, the crab and the scorpion.  The Moon resides in this magical sign for the next 2 days.  We all experience hyper-sensitivity when the Moon transits through Pisces.  Pisces dreams, floats along, loves with no boundaries and can take creativity to heavenly heights.  Food which is generally important for the Moon’s existence, is not necessary, as Pisces does not need the physical riches of the earth.  Pisces is psychic, intuitive and all those things that represent communication from our feeling and emotional level.  That why nature, music and beauty are nurturing for this 12th zodiac sign.  The 12th and last sign of the zodiac has evolved beyond all solid objects and beyond the spoken word.  It’s just us and our connection to spirit that brings us deep peace.  Days which the Moon moves through this sign need our special attention and care to nurture our emotional selves the Piscean way.

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