Rebel Rouser

The beginning of this week, carries the Moon energy of the rebel.  The soul is soothed by calling out what is no longer working.  It is the beginning of the end.  Aquarians have an important role in this world; they stand up, call out, and move on before the chips land.  This 11th sign of the zodiac has visionary abilities, not to mention a strong need for equality in the world.  The water bearer can not turn away from injustice and deeply needs to correct, what feels like a wrong.  People who carry this forward thinking energy as a strong signature in their chart have the lesson in life to know what rebellions serve, and what upheavals are better left untouched.  Aquarians may find that once they recognize injustice, they begin to rally the troops and march into battle.  There is bravery, there is knowledge, there is strength; but, where are the people?  Aquarians are quick to respond and blaze the path to justice, however as they march their forces into battle, and sit courageously upon the lead horse facing the opposition, with a quick head turn back to the troops, they see they are alone.  There’s no turning back, and only self to move forward.  The plan and the passion are clear to the fast-moving Aquarian, but this deep passion, need for change and courage is not always shared by those the Aquarian is saving.  It doesn’t make sense to the “5-star” Aquarian general.  Patience is wise for the “quick to justice” Aquarian.  Perhaps the role is not to lead, but only to encourage?  How can one so passionate find the most appropriate means to support without being the lone beheaded?

The Aquarian foresight is brilliant.  Having an Aquarian on your team as a voice of direction is smart.  They see what serves all.  As the Moon moves through this sign, we all have the ability to see what serves on a greater level.  The Moon’s power is through our feelings.  She is the soul and passion of all we do, and all we desire.  Information over the last 3 days is good to look at for future success.  Tonight, the mind relaxes as the Moon moves to the sensitive sign of Pisces.  A foot rub bring ecstasy and groundedness.

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