Capricorn as Mother?

Sunday continues with the Moon moving through Capricorn.  The goat comes from one of the signs which represents the father.  It really parallels more of the 1950’s or 1960’s archetype of the masculine head of household who climbs the work ladder and at the end of the day returns home to the wife and children for dinner and television.  It symbolizes the provider during a time which the male was not invited into the delivery room.  The Moon, in her purest form, represents the mother, the nurturer, the protector and the feeder.  When these two energies come together, such as, a Moon positioned in the sign of Capricorn, we see mother who can come across as cold and distant in the child-rearing department.  The compassionate and sometimes over protective feminine matriarch becomes focused on the business of running a family instead of the feelings of running a family.  That is the dynamic of this weekend.  The family is a job and everything belongs in its order.  Sometimes, it can be a relief to enter a organizing phase.  This weekend can serve as a time to put everything into its place, as tomorrow morning, who knows what the surprising sign of Aquarius will bring, when the Moon’s mind opens to the unthinkable.

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