Play, Play, Play

Friday’s can tend to be a little antsy for those who work the traditional work week, and today is no different.  Moon in Sagittarius means that our soul needs to be outrageous and free.  Movement, travel, fun and adventure is calling to inspire us to dress in our most fabulous garb.  Dancing on the runway, climbing a mountain, going to where no one has traveled before is the call of action.  Volunteer for anything that gets you out of the building.  In fact, letting go of work for that much desired day of skiing pleases the inner most centaur.  There will be time to pick up the pieces in the evening hours when the Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn.  In fact, the weekend will tend to be a responsible one.  Filing, organizing and preparing will feel natural and welcomed as we sweep the corners and stock up for the next monthly Moon cycle.

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