Scorpions and Centaurs

The day begins with the sexy and seductive Scorpion Moon waking us with thoughts of… well perhaps questioning loyalty.  This sensitive sign needs to know that it can trust all persons around it.  Scorpio is a sign which meshes so deeply with the “other’s” soul, that a person with strong Scorpion energy is known for deep penetrating eyes.  Check it out this morning.  See it people tend to not speak, but only “look deep” into you when you speak to them.  The psychic energy is HIGH.

In the afternoon, the Moon moves into the light-footed sign of Sagittarius.  Now, instead of depending on others for security, the individual self becomes a freedom seeker.  Laughter and adventure surround us, but our outside environment doesn’t stay the same.  Sagittarians need to move and and explore the next thing.  Boredom is tabu when the Moon resides in this sign of new experiences.  Family of origin and food are also a joy for the strong centaur.

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