Spring Equinox and the power of goals

In the past 2 days, we have experienced a Full Moon, and the Spring Equinox.  Both powerful in their messages and in the influence they shower down onto our planet Earth.  Full Moon’s represent the evolution of a seed previously planted and grown to it’s fullest potential.  Its energy never before and never again will be as strong as it is in the moment of the Full Moon.  The moment after a Full Moon is the prime time to set in motion anything which has the goal of a decline or completion.  Beginning a weight loss program or letting go of a relationship represent situations which create a loss in our lives.  The declining Moon can assist the letting go of that which we would like to move out of our lives.

One day after the Virgo Full Moon, The Sun moved into Aries.  The moment the Sun moves into the 1st sign of the zodiac, is the moment coined “Spring Equinox”.  The Sun, whom is full of power and energy and light, has floated through the sign of Pisces for the last 30 days.  The last 1/3 of the winter is always spent wondering in dreams and emotions.  Now, that this fire planet moves into this 1st fire sign of the zodiac year, all dreams have the passion and movement to jet toward desired goals.  Make sure targets are exactly what you want, as “full blast” is the only speed Aries knows, and Aries does not discriminate between wanted or unwanted goals.  With the Sun in Aries, there is a rebirth of “who we are” in this world.  Take full advantage of the birthing process over the next 30 days, as the entire rest of the zodiac year unfolds with whatever focus is held by our attention now.

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