Full Moon in Virgo

The last couple of days probably saw allot of accomplishment and nose to the grindstone type of push.  Virgo does that to us.  Sometimes it can be so brutal with being a task master, that the joy of life is lost.  High Virgo recognizes what accomplishments need to happen to create success of a project and puts the pieces together to create completion.  The Moon is a nurturing planet and when she is in the sign of Virgo her need to mother becomes a business.  Tasks to organize the family and home are easy when she resides here.  Today we experience a full Moon in Virgo.  Full Moons are very energizing and with all this energy in such a militant sign, we can also use this day to eat healthy.  She gives us the discipline to do that.  Be gentle on self and others.  This is not always easy when we have a list of things to accomplish, but a good thing to remember is that we never get it all done.  So, it’s ok to cut that list in half and prepare for the Moon to move into the partnership sign of Libra later today.  It is a good evening to go on a date and cuddle with that special someone.

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