Moon in Cancer

When the Moon is in Cancer, we all have a tendency to turn crabbish.  It has to be far easier for the crab on the beach to flow with the tides of the emotions than for us humans who live in a working society.  This little temperamental being, to our knowledge does not live on a schedule that demands a 40-hour work week away from its little sandy home.  In our society we have agendas, appointments and expectations that fill our day and many live a life sticking to just such a reality.  This is where the crab can teach us a lesson.  Emotions run high when the sign of Cancer is hosting the Moon.  Feelings are fragile and our sensitivity to pain is high.  It’s not a mistake this little creature holds two large pinchers extended out in front of its body.  It is a fragile little being deep inside those walls of a shell, and protection is essential.  Supporting our emotional self so our pinchers don’t have to wound another is a proactive stance for ourselves.  If we need to be out in the world today, being with family or supportive close friends is the company to embrace.  Good food and a dip in water are also ways to replenish and respect our sensitive feelings.  It’s all about feeling safe, no matter where we are.

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