Peace and War

We all experience times when we feel serene and cozy, and in a moment the dynamic flips to 100% action.  Anger, passion and the need to take action suddenly flips a switch in our brains.  Today carries such an energy.  The Taurus Moon, and her stubbornly emotional need to feel relaxed and just able to peacefully enjoy the pleasures of physical comforts shares the stage today with a flurry of mental activity as Mercury moves from the spiritually floating sign of Pisces into the impulsive sign of Aries.  Our minds are represented by the planet Mercury and when it moves through this 1st sign of the zodiac, it takes on the traits of an Arian.  When we think of child birth, we comprehend an action occurring which takes courage and once that process begins, it’s clear there is no choice but to see it through to the end.  The action needs to happen quickly with much unknown.  This is the life of an Arian; a target with no consideration of circumstances outside that goal.  When Mercury enters this realm, the mind, communication, and our learning abilities all become faster and goal oriented.  Over the next two months, while mercury is in the this fire sign, we have opportunity to move toward goals which can empower us, if we choose wisely.  A scattered Mercury in Aries will look for a fight, but when we understand that our mental abilities right now carry allot of information quickly, we can begin to soften the fire with a meditative practice and align with desires that support us.  Mercury is a writer, a teacher and a student.  Until mid-May, giving the mind creative projects along these lines, can result in a fruitful bounty.

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