Following the Moon

There are many easy ways to learn astrology.  One approach I like is the feeling approach; following the moon.  Most people know a few general words that represent each astrological sign.  So, when we think of Pisces, we might think of sensitivity, music, and spiritual euphoria.  For Aries we may think of passion, leadership and accomplishment.  When we work with the moon, we understand this is a water planet.  The ebb and flow of the ocean tides are a great physical example of how strong this light in the sky influences the waters of our planet and in our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Our emotions are how the moon works through us.  Her power teaches us a language that when listened to, it is easy to make life decisions.

Depending on where you live on this planet depends on the exact time the moon moves from Pisces into Aries this weekend.  I use an astrological calendar to provide such information.  It is safe to say the energy from Saturday will carry the hypersensitivity and inspirational energy of Pisces, while the energy of Sunday, will carry the action oriented, goal determination of Aries.  Not only can this be recognized in the natural flow of your own energy, but it can be observed in others as well.  Having the opportunity to see this ahead of time helps one plan ahead effectively.  Perhaps relaxing into an inspiring movie on dreamy Saturday and hiking a mountain on energized Sunday.

As for Monday, expect another day of movement, energy and unbridled passion, as the moon spends much of the day in Aries.

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